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international vocation

For many years, we have been aware of the opportunities that were presented to us in foreign markets with the creation of a single European market and the consequent elimination of all types of borders. Thus, we consider that our local market has expanded and that it is not only limited to the Spanish market but also to the American markets.


That international vocation that characterizes us translates into:

el concepto de globalización


Complete product range attending to the specific demands of each one the exportation markets where we have presence and design and engineering available to all our customers


Obtaining of homologation certificates by the national certifying bodies of each of the countries with a significant commercial relationship

R&D Department, giving support for export and available to local and national markets, formed by highly qualified professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in the various polymers of the international market and their applications, specifically developing products to meet the needs of the client and their projects

Boceto de Ingeniero Mecánico
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Al hablar de los números
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We are a company authorized at European level by the Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs to be an outsourced company to supply companies with sanitary certificates


Pol. Ind. Can Salvatella, C/. Cabanyes, 33-37. 08210 Barberà del Vallés (Barcelona).  Tel. 93 719 21 00  Correo:

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