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It is an elastomer of general use, of reduced economic cost, known as Buna-S, it was originally developed to replace natural rubber. The SBR is a commercial grade for general uses where special resistance to heat or aging is not required. It is resistant to water, salt solutions and weak acids. It has very good resistance to fatigue and is not very resistant to chemical agents, except those of polar type, such as alcohols and ketones.

 It is also suitable for use in contact with brake fluid for the automotive sector, however, it is not resistant to petroleum-based fluids, oils, greases or hydrocarbons, and acids, bases and salts. It has good bending characteristics at low temperatures. The SBR reinforced with cotton fabric is ideal for the manufacture of gaskets for flanges with medium-high pressures.

In case of other questions about these materials with multiple characteristics, their treatment or possible applications, please contact our technical and quality department that can provide you with the advice and information you need regarding any of the above-mentioned material for the development of your project.

The joints remain stable even with pressure and have good mechanical properties, such as breaking load, elasticity and resistance to tearing. The temperature range is between -50º C and 90º C.

high precision aluminium automotive part

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