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The JV group performs the process of punching by means of automatic and semi-automatic punching machines, the cutting by means of programmable automatic knife shears and cutters.


These processes allow us to obtain parts with clean cuts and high precision tolerances. Depending on the characteristics of the piece we will opt for a productive system or another. Generally, when they are big rubber pieces or with shapes under plan, the ideal system is the die-cut; for smaller quantities, smaller size and more regular shapes the best option is the cut of piece derived from the molding and / or extrusion.


The typical products derived from cutting and die cutting are: Gaskets of all types (gas, coffee, food, flat, toric, unloading, semiconic, semiplane, valves, disks, blind disks and special joints for the cushioning, closing, distribution of loads, sealing, anti-wear, conductive, antistatic, waterproofing or for coatings, among many other applications.


As for the Arcade adhesive and marking systems, JV Industries and JV Elastomers are automated to be made continuously while extruding the product; that way, competitive prices are obtained in this range of products.


It is a system of marking and adhesive on one side or both and its most common uses are: in the case of adhesive: to seal joints and valves in refrigeration, industrial refrigeration and heating installations among many other utilities. As for the marking, it is done with heat over the profile or with ink over the same and it is of great use when the client wants to mark in the product the expiration dates, the lots of any of the products we manufacture in JV among others.


JV has a specific section for joint welding and it is usually made with automatic and manual presses. Our processes allow the manufacture of joints of all types of rubber. Not only of molding, under the processes indicated above, but also derived from extrusion and without development limit, we have 4 presses specifically designed to that end.


This process allows Arcade, JV Industries, and JV Elastomers to provide any type of form under plan or sample, in small, medium or large series. Welding or hot welding with vulcanized joints by finishing press that give the same characteristics to the union as to the joint itself or even for certain rubber through bonding with cyanoacrylate or industrial glue.


In this way, JV manufactures circular joints of one weld, joints for autoclaves or ovens with lip shapes with the possibility of any dimensional configuration, frames with corners and welded in rectangular or inclined with four welds, custom joints matching endless developments with any geometry, as well as inflatable and vacuum joints with 'T' type junction or with metal valve for air inlet and outlet.


Pol. Ind. Can Salvatella, C/. Cabanyes, 33-37. 08210 Barberà del Vallés (Barcelona).  Tel. 93 719 21 00  Correo:

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