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processes extrusion


The extrusion of rubber and silicone is a continuous manufacturing process that the JV group uses through its 7 extruders, 4 silicone and 3 rubber and fluorinated rubber or Viton®, in which the rubber (not vulcanized) is transported in the cylinder of a cooled extruder with the help of an endless conveyor to the extruder head where it is pressed by the nozzle placed there (profiling tool).

The raw material is shaped according to the geometry of the tool (row) that moves directly to a hot zone (tunnel), located behind the extruder, which vulcanizes by heat. Arcade, JV Industries and Elastomeros JV is currently the only European company with triple pre-vulcanization system: vertical, horizontal and mixed, that allows conferring zero deformities on its products, zero ovalation in the circles, zero tape, drag or support marks.

The typical products of extrusion are: profiles according to plan, sketch or sample, cords, tubes, rectangles, squares and ribbons or flat bands.


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