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The JV group, better known today as Arcade, Industrias J.V. y Elastomeros JV, is a family business group with a long business tradition in the polymer sector since 1954. Treasuring more than 60 years of experience, we are especially proud that many of our customers, suppliers, distributors and collaborators have been working with us for decades .


Since our origin in 1954 with the company Arcade, Rubber Articles and Derivatives, we have specialized in the design, manufacture and supply of parts, profiles and rubber articles of high technological value, offering solutions and developing new projects of precision and large scale, together with our customers, in SILICONE, EPDM, SBR, NBR, CELLULAR, CR, PTFE, FKM and THERMOPLASTICS.


Now a national benchmark, Industrias JV has developed customized solutions, formulated and dimensionally designed to satisfy the European market, and has innovated in the market of polymer extrusion with the possibility of production with mixed and vertical vulcanization systems that still, at present, are unique in Europe and allow a completely defined profiling, without transversal or conveyor belt marks, and perfect rounds without ovalation.


The fulfillment of the highest quality demands in our rubber products made it possible for us to create a new company Comel sa, which, based in Hospitalet de Llobregat, led the group to evolve until finally, in 1988, it became Industrias JV group with headquarters in Barcelona.


In 2001, due to the growth of JV and in order to meet the needs of the market globalization, the new company Elastómeros JV s.a. is added with the purpose of being an elite model in our field; and the group moves, definitively, to Barberà del Vallès, expanding its production plant and counting with facilities of 2000 m2 of production. Starting there, already at that time, collaborations with companies at an international level for high engineering projects.

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In 2007, Rubber Latex Hispania, of great importance in rubber extrusion, is absorbed into the JV Industries group, extending the extrusion lines to 7 extruders.

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at present


The JV Group, which since its founding has been characterized by innovation and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, currently occupies a position of indisputable leadership in the area of nuclear applications, hospital environments, machinery manufacturing companies, packaging and household appliances, packaging, laboratory, food, maintenance and industrial supply of hardware, boilermaking, lighting and electronics. Specializing, particularly, in the field of aeronautics and large marine and naval works of underwater construction and otherwise. Thus, it works and collaborates already with companies of the IPT elite, Airbus and Airbus Military or engineering groups such as Sener and development companies such as Fidamc Materiales Avanzados (aeronautical development company).

The JV group, according to its manufacturing section, counts with two extrusion plants and 7 lines, 3 of which, in synthetic and fluorinated rubbers with 3 vulcanization tunnels, being currently the only Spanish company dedicated to the extrusion of fluorinated rubber and Viton®. On silicone, has a plant of 4 specialized lines with 11 vulcanization tunnels variable with each other with horizontal, vertical and mixed systems of vulcanization and, on molding, counts with a section of 7 lines of pressing with variable work areas and different closure force variables, which allows facing virtually any piece in shape or size.

In addition, the JV group has an internal workshop specialized in die-cutting and sandblasting for the creation of production tools: molds, rows, dies and others.
All of this positions us today at the head of the market as experts in the transformation of polymers, the key to our success being a policy of constant innovation and the assumption of risks for the development and promotion of our products. Since 2016, Rubber Articles and Derivatives, Industries J.V.s. and Elastomeros J.V.s.a. is expanding and optimizing the production area of finishes for a greater capacity of cutting, die cutting, adhesive bonding, vulcanized bonding and bonding for all kinds of frames and joints of great development.

Our fundamental pillar for the future is, as it has always been, the advice and technical support to all our clients in the development of their projects, which have helped us and still help in the present to promote the know-how of our company and human team based on our triple strategy of: constant innovation in production and processes, internationalization of our products and investment in the JV Group to remain the leader in polymer transformation engineering that has always been.

Pol. Ind. Can Salvatella, C/. Cabanyes, 33-37. 08210 Barberà del Vallés (Barcelona).  Tel. 93 719 21 00  Correo:

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