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CR or Chloroprene also known under the trade name Neoprene®. It stands out for having a balanced combination of properties that makes it the multifunctional rubber; it has good mechanical and abrasion properties. Conveniently protected, it has a good resistance to temperature and ozone and has very good adhesion to metal.

In terms of chemical resistance it is resistant to inorganic chemicals except oxidizing acids and halogens. On the other hand, it does not resist most organic compounds, except alcohols, and its resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons is moderate. The temperature range is between -25º and 125ºC.

set colored electric cable on white back

In case of other questions about these materials with multiple characteristics, their treatment or possible applications, please contact our technical and quality department that can provide you with the advice and information you need regarding any of the above-mentioned material for the development of your project.

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