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The mission concept is fundamental to Arcade, Industrias J.V.s.a. and Elastomeros J.V.s.a.  and is in total consonance with the vision of future that we want to achieve, which is and has always been to transcend the mere and simple accomplishment of immediate sales projects with the desire to deepen in knowledge, proactivity and progress for a solid growth and the internalization of our group based on: process innovation, means of manufacturing and management, the internalization of the group without geographical limits and the constant investment for continuous improvement framed within the following organizational principles: Commitment, advances and technology, availability, logistics, qualified and trained professionals, credibility and integrity, commitment and discipline, continuous improvement, effective communication, quality in the service, processes and products.

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The most significant aspirations for Arcade, Industrias J.V.s. and Elastomeros J.V.s.a. are to provide solutions to our customers to achieve their full satisfaction with the product and the service provided and thus build loyalty and contribute to improving the value chain; to  advance in our leadership position as engineering for the transformation of polymers and carry out successfully all the technological challenges achieving sustainable growth and benefits for all our suppliers, customers and the group's human team.


The values of JV are those that have attracted and retain professional talent, which leads us to obtain more sales and better results, these are:



We are committed as JV Group to work with honesty, integrity and responsibility, our most important value being the belief in a common project for the future.



We create value with our constant search for solutions for our clients and with the continuous adaptation of our system to the needs of the JV Group, taking advantage of the opportunities for improvement that arise and involving the entire human team with training and information to achieve success.



We set ourselves challenges with a firm strategy for the achievement of milestones, always orienting ourselves towards proactivity in order to exceed the expectations of our customers while guaranteeing the maximum quality of our rubber products and services rendered.



We comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the requirements demanded by customers, which are applicable. Ensuring that the products and services comply with the required satisfaction and deepening in the knowledge of the needs and expectations of the consumer, establishing our plan of strategies and annual objectives in that line and carrying out the periodic reviews of the same.



In Arcade, Industrias J.V.s.a. and Elastomeros J.V.s.a. we are aware that quality is the essential requirement for the development of a sustainable, profitable activity and obtaining successful results based on the satisfaction of those who collaborate with our team: customers, suppliers, collaborators and human resources. We encourage the participation of our workers through training and qualification to guarantee the quality of the manufactured products. We promote a positive environment of development, participation and, above all, training with employees and collaborating companies.



Arcade, Industrias J.V.s.a. and Elastomeros J.V.s.a. believes in the guarantee through the traceability of manufactured products, ensuring quality control in all productions and ensuring an efficient communication system, both internal and external, in matters related to the quality of the manufactured product.

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