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TEFLON® or polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE

PTFE is a polymer similar to polyethylene, in which the hydrogen atoms have been replaced by fluorine atoms known under the trade name Teflon®. The main property of this material is that it is practically inert, it does not react with other chemical substances except in very specific situations. This lack of reactivity makes its toxicity practically nil and is, in fact, the material with the lowest coefficient of friction known.

Its best known quality is anti-adhesion. The PTFE has multiple applications in coatings of airplanes, rockets and spaceships due to the great differences of temperature that it is capable of bearing, which makes it suitable in aeronautics; in the industry it is used mainly in articulated elements, since its antifriction qualities allows to eliminate the use of lubricants.

 It is also used in household appliances for kitchen utensils, such as frying pans and pots because of its low friction capacity, its ease of cleaning and its low toxicity. In structures and elements subjected to corrosion and chemical products, in armament as well as in paints and varnishes.

In the field of medicine, they take advantage of its non-reaction with substances or tissues and its flexible and non-stick qualities. It is used for example in prosthetics, creation of artificial tissues, blood vessels and even in aesthetic operations. Its use is also extended to electronics, such as cable lining or capacitor dielectric due to its high insulating capacity and resistance to temperature as well as in high-quality sound amplifiers.

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Another characteristic feature of JV PTFE is its impermeability while also maintaining its qualities in humid environments. It is also a great electrical insulator and extremely flexible, it is not altered by the action of light and is able to withstand temperatures from -270 ° C to 300 ° C.

In case of other questions about these materials with multiple characteristics, their treatment or possible applications, please contact our technical and quality department that can provide you with the advice and information you need regarding any of the above-mentioned material for the development of your project.


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