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By compression: The manufacture used by the JV Group to mold parts can come from a simple pressing process known as compression molding. In this process, the mold cavities are filled individually with a quantity of appropriately dosed material and are vulcanized by closing the heated mold with the aid of a press operated in hydraulic form.


The compression requires hot plate presses so that after introducing the molds, previously loaded with the raw material, they are subjected to a pressure and temperature, specifically arranged in each case, that, for a certain time, control the vulcanization process of the product.


By transfer: for better dimensional accuracy and production efficiency, in JV we use the process known as transfer molding in which the rubber is pressed and distributed to the different mold cavities through channels.


By injection: The most valued method to the JV group for manufacturing molded rubber parts is the injection molding technique. Due to its high degree of automation, it saves costs, although that is offset by the fact that the molds and the machines’ tuning are significantly more expensive. It behaves basically like compression, the only difference being that the rubber is supplied by the machine directly in the mold cavity during the vulcanizing process. This fact allows us to work with more accelerated mixtures and, therefore, with shorter manufacturing times.


This process is valid, especially for large series of parts, being the ideal substitute for compression when quantities require so. Unlike the other two mentioned processes, the injection molding process is adapted not only to work rigid silicone (paste) but also for liquid silicones (LSR).


The typical molding products are: Gaskets, wheels, rubber-metal parts, suction cups, plugs, pieces based on drawing, sketch or sample.


The JV group has 7 press lines with variable work zones and different closing force variables, which allows virtually any piece to be faced in shape or dimension.

Various rubber products and sealing prod
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Various rubber products and sealing prod
Ceramic part for machine, automotive, va

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